CMEpalooza Sponsorship: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

As I do on most weekends, I was out at one of our local malls last Saturday putting in another rugged day of full-contact shopping with the suburban moms. I have gotten very good at throwing around sharp elbows and blaming it on the toddlers running around aimlessly at my feet.

Anyway, being that this is the holiday season, Santa was hanging around and listening to the wish lists of every little Tommy and Louisa in the area. Here is an example of a conversation I overheard more than once.

SANTA: And what would you like for Christmas little boy/girl?

LITTLE BOY/GIRL: A CMEpalooza Platinum level sponsorship! No one has every gotten one before, and I want all my friends to be sooo jealous of me!

SANTA: Well, that sounds like it would be quite a gift. I wish I could have a CMEpalooza Platinum level sponsorship too. Sounds like just the thing that Mrs. Claus would love to receive in her stocking. (Whispers quietly to little boy/girl) Can you tell me how I get a CMEpalooza sponsorship?

Yes, indeed, ’tis again that time of year when we open up sponsorship opportunities for CMEpalooza Spring and Fall (dates announced last week by Derek). Some of you may have seen that we updated our Sponsor tab of the website with our annual Sponsor Prospectus, and we’ve already heard from quite a few of the early birds who wanted to jump on 2022 opportunities. As with CMEpalooza itself, our sponsorship opportunities continue to evolve, and we have a bunch of unique goodies to put under your figurative tree. I promise you that these are all better than another lump of coal.

I should warn you that we sell out of a lot of the higher-level sponsorships very quickly, so best not to think about this for too long as you sip on another glass of egg nog. Just some friendly advice.

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