A Better Way to Submit an Abstract to Present at CMEpalooza Spring 2022

Today (yesterday by the time you read this) I learned two (2) new things.

The first is that Rebecca Welton from Ted Lasso…




…is also Septa Unella (aka The Woman Who Cried “Shame”) from Game of Thrones.






Shocking, I know. I’m still recovering.

Less interesting, but just as important, the second thing I learned today is that the form I included in my Submit an Abstract to Present at CMEpalooza Spring 2022 post last week is not visible in the email version of the post, which is how many of you read the blog. I acknowledge that a form is not very useful if you can’t actually see it. My bad.

To make up for it, here is a link to the Google Forms version of the abstract submission form. I keep calling it an RFP. I don’t know why. Old habits die hard, I guess. Anyway, if you have a great idea for a session at CMEpalooza Spring, submit it here. Abstracts are due January 28. Don’t worry, I’ll send out more reminders.


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