CMEpalooza Pursuit (Master Edition): The True Story

I have gotten a number of inquiries over the last few days about some of the clues in our CMEpalooza Pursuit sponsor event that launched on Monday, specifically about those in our “A Day in the Life of Derek Warnick category.” Basically, people are questioning the veracity of the story line behind the clues.

I’m here to clear things up once and for all today — yes, with unquestioned certainty, everything in our clues is absolutely true. Neither Derek nor I would ever create fictitious whimsy to deceive our audience. That would just be mean.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well then maybe you should set time aside these next few days to complete your entry forms (CMEpalooza Pursuit is an excellent activity to pursue while keeping one eye on March Madness). The details were all in Monday’s blog post announcing our event, but here are the highlights for you once again.

Here is how you play CMEpalooza Pursuit (Master Edition):

  1. Download these forms. This includes an answer sheet along with all of the categories and clues.
  2. Call up the CMEpalooza Sponsor page. This is where you’ll be able to find links to all of the companies that are part of this game. I can promise you that none of the correct answers are layered very deep in each organization’s website – it should take you no more than one (and in rare cases, two) clicks to find each answer.
  3. There are eight CMEpalooza Pursuit (Master Edition) categories. A successful entry includes one correct answer from every category.
  4. Because there are at least three companies in each category, you can submit up to three unique entries. That would give you three entries into our prize drawing. But submitting one or two completed entries is also fine.
  5. Send along your completed entry forms to me via email at You have one week — the entry deadline is 9 am ET on Monday, March 21. We’ll have the prize drawing in a super secret location (ie, my kitchen) that afternoon and notify our winners soon thereafter.

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