Your CMEpalooza Pursuit (Master Edition) Winners

First of all, let me apologize for the noise issues that may have interrupted your work day yesterday. I told Derek that the 5000 watt speakers he had “found in the trash” after a Metallica concert in 1994 would be a bit much for our CMEpalooza Pursuit (Master Edition) prize drawing festivities yesterday, but does the guy ever listen to a word I say?

(This is what we call a rhetorical question, people – the answer is obviously “No” [note from Derek: once he told me he thought St. Anger was “good” I just stopped listening to everything else.])

But just in case you happened to miss the very loud announcement of our winners,  here are the lucky folks who each collected a $100 Amazon gift card thanks to their successful completion of our Sponsor event:

  • Amanda Doughty, MLS — Medical Librarian & Clinical Education Specialist (CME), Eastern Connecticut Health Network
  • Jackie Farley — Educational Project Coordinator, Center for Continuing Education, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Ron Murray, Ed.D, CHCP, FACEHP, CBiol, MRSB, PGCE — Independent CPD/CME Professional
  • Vanessa Gray, MHA, CMP, CHCP — Director of Continuing Medical Education, Des Moines University
  • Christina Casanova — Manager, Development Support, PeerView Institute for Medical Education

Congrats to them all. And for anyone interested in the answers to our clues, here is the answer key for you.

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