Who’s Hungry? (We’re Buying)

Back early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, Derek and I had one of the brilliant decent mediocre ideas that we’ve become known for over the years. Since we’re all stuck at home, we figured, why not do some good and offer up a special sponsorship that we would call CMEpalooza Feeds the People?

The concept was that we would pass along a few Grubhub gift cards to be used during our live CMEpalooza broadcasts. This way, people wouldn’t have to run out and miss one of our live sessions. Plus, they’d get a nutritious, delicious meal brought right to their front door (who am I kidding? Lots of you probably ordered Taco Bell.)

The initial response to this program in 2020 was excellent, but we shelved things at the start of 2021 figuring that, well, we’d be back to working in the office again by the time CMEpalooza Spring and Fall came around. The vaccines were rolling out, and all would be right again with the world.


So, with many of us still pounding the keyboard from the comfort of our own homes/apartments, we’re again trotting out our CMEpalooza Feeds the People program this spring. Thanks to our friends at Academic CME who agreed to sponsor this giveaway, we’re giving 25 of you the opportunity to earn a $15 Grubhub gift card. All you need to do is complete this extremely thought-provoking survey below. We’ll be in touch with our winning recipients shortly.

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