The Long and Winding Haiku: CMEpalooza Haiku is Back!

it comes around once
actually twice a year
palooza haiku

coming april 6
CMEpalooza spring
you can watch it here

9 AM ET — Demonstrating the Value of CME to Internal and External Stakeholders: Multiple Approaches and Points of View

demo the value
of why we do what we do
a rashomon view

10 AM ET – Hey Everyone, Go Deep! The Power We Have to Support Clinician Well-Being

deep dive session on
clinician anxiety
it’s more than stress balls

11 AM ET – Bridges Over Oceans – Making Global Meetings Available to Interested Learners Around the World

do global meetings
make your head spin like a…globe?
check this session out

Noon ET – A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: How Supporters Came Together As a Community, For the Community

a common refrain:
can’t we all just get along?
here is one attempt

1 PM ET – Beyond Checking the Box to Achieve Commendation – Incorporating Social Determinants of Health to Address Population Health

ce is more than
achieving commendation
what we do matters

2 PM ET – The Unsung Heroes of CME: Recognizing the Critical Role of Program Managers

it’s a known fact
if it wasn’t for PMs
we would all be screwed

3 PM ET – The CMEpalooza Feud

a promise to you
unlike richard dawson’s feud
there is no kissing

4 PM ET – Dr. McGowan’s Magical Measurement Club, We Hope You Will Enjoy the Show

presented live from
the apple corps building roof
please don’t let me down


i never thought we
would have this many sponsors
so many haiku


like death and taxes
guaranteed i will misspell
Daiichi Sankyo

an ode to our friends
over at Med Learning Group
great to have them back

just an FYI
PS – so are you


Academy for
Continued Healthcare Learning
their name is haiku

president Hayes of
Academic CME
Tim not Rutherford

sick and tired of
run-of-the-mill CME?
here’s the Antidote

Catamount Med Ed
is not the pinnacle of
med school for felines

your attention please
for digital CMEs
think epocrates

let us all welcome
our newest silver sponsor
hello Healio

for a CE group
with stellar reputation
choose Integrity

who knew the Q in
PlatformQ means quality?
maybe – I’m guessing

if our lone sponsor
is Prova Education
is that provolone?

the RedMedEd folks
with Scale, Bail, or Fail platform
are rhyming savants

now it’s time to go
last haiku for Vindico
led by Rob Esgro

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