Nudge Nudge: Some CMEpalooza Reminders

Things are always busy in the days leading up to CMEpalooza, and I know you are probably tired of seeing ONE MORE notification in your inbox from us. I promise we’ll leave you alone tomorrow, but just a few reminders from me today:

  1. We still need about 30 more responses to our CMEpalooza Feud survey to reach the magic number of 100. If you have not yet filled out your answers, you can go to this link to access the survey. It’ll be fun. And short. I promise. Just do it while you groove out to a little Gordon Lightfoot. (Note from Derek: Gordon Lightfoot?? Good lord we are old.)
  2. To avoid a last-minute scramble next Wednesday, go ahead and download the Poll Everywhere app now so that you can actively participate in our various sessions. Our friends at Array are sponsoring our audience response system this spring, and we’d hate to let them down.
  3. Go to your email calendar and double check that you have marked off next Wednesday as a “medical emergency” day. We wouldn’t want anyone bothering you while you watch our sessions.
  4. In the spirit of yesterday’s blog post, Derek has asked me to offer a CMEpalooza Twitter Haiku challenge to our audience. I told him no one would probably participate, but he’s persistent. So go onto Twitter today and give us your best, CMEpalooza-themed 5-7-5. Maybe you’ll even get a prize if your haiku is good – I dunno.

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