So You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Last week, Derek hinted at an exhausting conversation we had earlier this year surrounding the upcoming birthday/anniversary of CMEpalooza. Briefly, Derek wouldn’t let me call 2023 the 10th “birthday” or “anniversary” of CMEpalooza. His argument was that, “You don’t turn 1 year old until you have been around for a year. Your first anniversary doesn’t occur until 12 months after the actual event. Therefore, CMEpalooza (which launched in 2014) won’t celebrate its 10th birthday and its 10th anniversary until 2024. It doesn’t matter that this is going to be the 10th year of CMEpalooza – I refuse to let you call it our 10th birthday or 10th anniversary. If you do, I quit!”

I must say, I was very tempted to take Derek up on his offer, but then I remembered that there were few other people in this world who would willingly agree to be my verbal sparring partner, so I backed down.

Until this article came along…

It turns out, there are enlightened cultures in this world that agree that you are “1 year old” the day that you are born. Frankly, it would make life a lot easier for the parents of newborns. I always have to use my fingers and toes to try to figure out how old a toddler is when I’m told “17 months!” If that instead meant that he/she was “2 years old” that would make things much easier.

Let’s do a quick poll to see if you agree with me.


4 thoughts on “So You Say It’s Your Birthday?

  1. Although y’all don’t turn “10 years old” until 2024, I think it’s still OK to say you will be celebrating the 10th year of your little enterprise in 2023!

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