CMEpalooza Sponsorship: We’re Serious This Time

Lest you think that everything about CMEpalooza is fun and games, let me share a recent text exchange between Derek and I to demonstrate the serious nature of our work.

ME: X!? Phdn M@A
DEREK: Excuse me?
ME: Sorry, butt dial. Happy Thanksgiving.
DEREK: Whatever

It’s this exchanging of exciting ideas, this way of exploring new ways to engage our audience, this VERY VERY SERIOUS approach to education that has allowed CMEpalooza to grow year after year. And so here we are, celebrating our 10th year of CMEpalooza (can you believe it?) with plans for a bigger and better future (note from Derek: At least Scott spared you the details of our argument about the difference between this being the 10th year vs. 10th anniversary of CMEpalooza).

As the world shifts back into a more normal in-person meeting schedule, CMEpalooza continues to thrive as the premium online event for the CME/CE community. Our audience has grown by 10-20% every year since our launch, reaching nearly 1,000 learners in 2022 during each of our Spring and Fall events. We’re hoping to reach that magic four-digit milestone with our 2023 live broadcast days, happening on Wednesday, April 12, and Wednesday, October 18.

And as our events evolve, so do our sponsorship opportunities. While we have a lot of the “old standbys,” we’ve thrown in some new wrinkles once again this year, many of which we successfully piloted in the Fall.

One important note of caution – if you are interested in one of our higher-level, elite sponsorships, you should probably act fast. These go more and more quickly every year, and we operate on a first-come first-served basis. We hate turning anyone away, so don’t let it happen to you!

Just take a look at the 2023 Sponsor Prospectus (also on the Sponsor tab of our website) for all of the information you’ll need. We make the sponsorship process simple – you just send us an email saying something like, “We love CMEpalooza more than sweetbreads. Please count us in as a (Gold/Silver/Bronze/other) sponsor,” we collect some basic information from you, and VOILA! up you go on the CMEpalooza website. You get in on all of our promotions and special events, and you receive as much exposure as we can possibly offer.

Of course, if you have any questions or would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll be there in February at the upcoming Alliance meeting if you’d like to chat in person (Derek will be sitting in the back corner of every room if you have trouble finding him).

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