Submit an Abstract to Present at CMEpalooza Spring 2023

A summary of the recent CMEpalooza 2023 planning meeting.

Scott: “OK, let’s discuss ideas for the Spring meeting. What do you have?
Derek: “Oh buddy, I’ve got some great ideas this year. I am going to blow your mind!”
Scott: [rolls eyes] “I bet. Let’s hear them.”
Derek: “Imagine this… a session done entirely in haiku.”
Scott: “No.”
Derek: “OK, how about this: CMEpalooza…ON ICE!”
Scott: “No.”
Derek: “Not an Ice Capades fan, eh? Fine, I have more. Are you sitting down?
Scott: [glares and motions to the chair he is sitting in]
Derek: “Perfect. Now, I know you’re not a huge fan of musicals, but-”
Scott: “No.”
Derek: “Right. We could…ask people to submit abstracts again?”
Scott: “Bingo. Let’s do that.”

It’s that time of year. and CMEpalooza Spring planning has begun (It’s Wednesday, April 12. Save the date in your calendar if you haven’t already.) Like last year, we want to include the CE community into the planning and development process of the CMEpalooza agenda. Anyone who is interested is welcome to submit an idea for a CMEpalooza Spring session.

The process is fairly simple. If you have an idea for a session that you would like to lead at CMEpalooza Spring, just complete the CMEpalooza Spring 2023 Abstract Submission form by the end of the day on Wednesday, February 15. After that, Scott and I will review all the proposals we receive and select at least five for the official agenda.

Here are a few guidelines:

  1. This is a virtual conference and all sessions are done via StreamYard. It’s easy.
  2. Proposals will only be considered if they are submitted via the abstract submission form
  3. The deadline for proposals to be submitted is by 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, February 15.
  4. We are open to pretty much any idea as long as it relates in some way to CME/CE. The more creative, the better. My dream is for someone to propose a musical (this is not Scott’s dream, as noted above).
  5. Interactive formats with multiple presenters, such as panel sessions and interviews, are encouraged.
  6. Please verify the availability of all presenters for the date of CMEpalooza (Wednesday, April 12) before submitting their name in your proposal.
  7. We don’t want to limit creativity, so there isn’t a limit on the number of proposals you can submit, but use common sense and be reasonable. We will likely only choose one proposal for which you are listed as the lead contact, so don’t submit 10 proposals or something crazy like that.
  8. We will try to notify you within a week of the deadline if your proposal has been accepted or not.
  9. If you have any questions, feel free to email Derek ( or Scott (, or find us at the Alliance conference in a couple weeks.

I think that about covers it. I especially want to encourage people who have never presented at CMEpalooza to submit a proposal. We are always happy to have new presenters participate. Maybe you are intimidated by getting up in a front of a room full of your colleagues and presenting material — not a problem with CMEpalooza. Maybe you are worried that your idea would be too “out there” for a traditional conference — not a problem with CMEpalooza. Maybe you are just too lazy to want to put together a slide deck for a presentation — so are we, which is why we often encourage our panelists to use few (if any) slides.

So in the immortal words of “woman on a subway car” from Coming to America, “Go on honey, take a chance!”

Click here for the CMEpalooza Spring 2023 Abstract Submission form

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