Top 5 Reasons to Submit an Abstract to Present at CMEpalooza Spring 2023

We have opened our abstract submission process for CMEpalooza Spring 2023, which you can read all about here. Submissions are due by the end of the day on Wednesday, February 15. If you are looking for motivation as to why you should consider submitting an abstract, you are in luck! Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Submit an Abstract to Present at CMEpalooza Spring 2023.

5. It’s easy. I feel confident in saying that you will not find an easier abstract submission process for a virtual conference for CME/CE professionals. Seriously, it’s only seven questions, and half of those questions are for your contact info. You don’t have to give us goals (boring), objectives (which are just goals with different verbs), headshots (we don’t care what you look like), or any of that stuff. Just tell us who you are, give us a summary of your program, and let us know if you need anything special to present it. To paraphrase the great Lionel Richie, it’s easy like Sunday morning…

4. So I don’t have to move to Glasgow, Montana. While the abstract submission process may be easy, waiting for the submissions to come in is not because what if no one submits an abstract and then we don’t have any to choose from and suddenly it’s the middle of February and we don’t have any sessions and I’m freaking out because the conference is only two months away and we don’t have an agenda and if we don’t have an agenda then we don’t have a conference and if we don’t have a conference then it will be incredibly embarrassing and I’ll have to move away to some remote destination like Glasgow, Montana which, no offense to Glasgow, Montana which I’m sure is very lovely, but is not a place I want to live and is probably very cold.

3. It’s fun. OK, maybe not fun like playing a video game is fun (side note: when I say “video game” this is still my frame of reference. Look at how glorious it is!), but fun compared to other presentations you have given. We keep a loose atmosphere, encourage terrible impersonations and cosplay, and generally laugh a lot. Also, see #5 above.

2. You get to work with us. I mean, how awesome is that? You will have the opportunity to receive emails from either Scott or me that include such witticisms as “When are you free for an A/V check?” and “Are you going to have any slides?” Wow – can you feel the magic? Let me tell you, you haven’t truly lived until you have been on a video conference with Scott and had him remind you “You’re on mute.” (note from Scott: I may even add a colorful, NSFW noun at the end of that phrase) Check that one off the ol’ bucket list.

1. It’s a good opportunity. Setting aside the snarkiness and sarcasm of the previous four reasons, speaking at CMEpalooza is a good opportunity. You get to present to a decent sized (think 200 or so) audience of your peers in a low stress environment from the comfort of, well, wherever you want to do it from. And…

[discreetly glances left and right]

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Move in closer so I can whisper it to you.

A little closer.

A little closer.

OK, not that close.

[whispering] We don’t care where you work or what your title is.

It’s true. You can be a first-year program manager or a CEO with thirty years of experience – it doesn’t matter to us. What does matter is whether or not you have a good idea for a presentation. If you do, submit it to us!

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