Never Have I Ever: Video Conference Edition

My 16-year-old daughter sent me this Never Have I Ever: Retro Edition that’s been circulating around the various social networks recently.

I scored zero points. Scott scored 1 point — he wasn’t cool enough for a MySpace account.

(Quick side note: my daughter was completely baffled by my description of a floppy disk, especially when I started expounding on the differences between a 5.25″ floppy and a 3.5″ diskette.)

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, I put together my own Never Have I Ever list. I thought you might enjoy it, too.

Never Have I Ever: Video Conference Edition
Give yourself 1 point if on a video conference you have never…

  • Started talking at the same time as another person and then both said “Go ahead” at the same time
  • Started talking while muted
  • Told someone they were talking while muted
  • Yelled at a cat/dog/kid/spouse/partner/etc. while you thought you were muted, but you were not muted
  • Had a cat/dog/kid/spouse/partner/etc. accidentally pop on screen
  • Turned off your camera and folded laundry/emptied dishwasher/some other household chore
  • Turned off your camera and reclined on a couch/bed/floor
  • Turned off your camera and gone into the bathroom
  • Been the only person with their camera on
  • Been the only person with their camera off
  • Been the only person in a meeting and then realized you got the time wrong
  • Apologized for leaving early because you had another meeting, but you didn’t actually have another meeting
  • Realized your shirt was inside out when you saw yourself on camera
  • Given a presentation and asked “Can you see my slides?”
  • Watched a presentation where the presenter kept their slides in “normal” mode rather than “slide show” mode
  • Heard someone arrive late and interrupt the person speaking by loudly saying something like “HELLO? THIS IS [PERSON’S NAME]. SORRY I’M LATE. I HAD TROUBLE GETTING ON THE ZOOM/WEBEX/TEAMS/ETC.”

Once again, my score is zero. Hopefully, our collective score for CMEpalooza Spring will be much higher (except for cats and dogs on screen. The more cats and dogs on screen, the better. Kids, too, I suppose. Not spouses and partners, though. They’re annoying.)


3 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever: Video Conference Edition

  1. Love starting my day with this smile. I too scored ZERO on both lists. Looking forward to CME Palooza on April 12!

  2. I scored 2 points! I never had an AOL email or MySpace account. Sidenote: I still use my original Hotmail email address and I used NetZero dial up internet and floppy disks for my research papers in college.

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