The CMEpalooza STEPtacular Challenge Starts Today!

Back in the days before cellphones were less ubiquitous in our everyday lives and a smartwatch meant one of those sweet Casio calculator watches (side note: in elementary school, my friend Jerry got a Pac-Man watch for his birthday, one that you could actually play Pac-Man on, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever invented. How could you ever be bored again with a Pac-Man game right on your wrist??), I dropped an old school pedometer in my active 8-year-old’s pants pocket to see how many steps he would record in a normal school day. When he came home, I took it out to see how he did.

30,000. He took 30,000 steps between leaving for school in the morning and returning home around 3:30 pm. He might have broken the pedometer if I had left it in his pocket for the rest of the day.

Fortunately, child labor laws demand that 8-year-olds attend school rather than seek employment with any CME/CE companies, thus rendering them ineligible for the CMEpalooza STEPtacular Challenge and giving the rest of us a chance to win.

What is the CMEpalooza STEPtacular Challenge you ask? Allow me to elaborate.

  • The challenge begins today (April 3) and will go until the end of the day on Sunday (April 9)
  • The challenge is to record at least 10,000 steps a one day. For each day during the challenge period that you record 10,000 steps, please send in a screenshot of your step-counting device with the number of recorded steps, either by email ( or text (267-666-0CME [0263]). Please include the following information:
    • Screenshot of number of steps
    • Name
    • Email
    • Physical mailing address
    • T-shirt size (please remember to include this!)
  • Each screenshot submitted is an entry into a random drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card (there are five gift cards; you cannot win more than one.) Winners will be drawn during the week of CMEpalooza Spring.
  • The person who records and submits the most steps in one day wins a $250 Amazon gift card
  • Everyone who enters will receive a CMEpalooza STEPtacular Challenge performance T-shirt from Talem Health. They’re pretty great, see?
  • In lieu of an entrance fee, we are asking everyone to please consider joining CMEpalooza and Talem Health in making a donation to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The recommended amount is $25, or whatever you are comfortable giving. Please follow this link to make a donation.

Thanks everyone and good luck!

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