Here Are Your Liar Liar Pants on Fire Winners

In case you were not able to tune into one of the many, many major networks who carried our prize drawing extravaganza this morning, here are the winners of “Liar Liar CMEpalooza Pants on Fire” sponsor event.

  • Jeannine Creazzo, MLIS, MBA, AHIP, Director, Medical Library, Continuing Education, and Research, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset
  • Dana Zook, Assistant Director, Program Development, Office of Chief Operating Officer, ASHP
  • Cindy Davidson, Scientific Editor, Global Learning Collaborative
  • Michelle Hu, PhD, Manager, Scientific Affairs, PRIME Education
  • Jenni Binon, CME Analyst, Continuing Medical Education Office, Advocate Aurora Health

They each won a $100 Amazon gift card to blow on something totally frivolous and unnecessary. Thanks to everyone who participated in our sponsor event, and a hearty “Huzzah” to our winners. And if you didn’t win, surely you saw that we are giving away even more money this week. With our generosity, it’s amazing we still have enough left over to feed our families.

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