Saving All My Love for Haiku: It’s CMEpalooza Haiku!

don’t forget about
the STEPtacular Challenge
step this way for cash

some like limericks
but Whitney and I save all
our love for haiku

final reminder
CMEpalooza Spring
coming April 12

9 AM ET — Fostering Partnerships and Collaboration in a VR World

you know that we are
living in a VR world
does Madonna know?

10 AM ET — ChatGPT: Medical Education’s Savior or Newest Stand-Up Act?

Scott showed how poorly
ChatGPT writes haiku
med ed can’t be worse

11 AM ET — Conundrums in CME: You Be the Jury

will these conundrums
in CME be humdrum?
the jury is out

Noon — Advancing and Defining the Value of CPD with Data that are EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, ALL AT ONCE

is that a raccoon
under your hat or are you
just a panelist?

1 PM ET — Meaningful and Sustainable Strategies to Address Disparities through CEhp: Are We There Yet?

a free tip for all:
question mark in the title
helps build up suspense

2 PM ET — What is Fair Balance Anyways?

no thumbing the scales
real talk about fair balance
Dike is watching

3 PM ET — We Don’t Talk About Bruno: Laying Bare Actions Harming Our Industry

fantastic session
but this friggin’ song is an
eternal earworm

4 PM ET — FADE Out HIV – Connecting Black Barbers, Their Clients and Community Clinicians

this session will show
sometimes the best ideas
are unexpected


some of you might think
sponsor haikus are easy
some of you are wrong


Academy for
Continued Healthcare Learning
two thirds a haiku

take CCO plus
PCE plus ProCE
equals CEA

I am watching you
Grzybowski, always watching
you and MLG


weather report for
Academic CME
cloudy and Hayes-y

DKBmed with
an “I” for innovation
improves nnovation

Haymarket Med Ed
and sister myCME
sibling rivalry?

what’s the dealio
with the group at Healio?
click link to find out

it’s PlatformQ Health
or shorten to PQH
mind your P’s and Q’s

woke up, fell out of
bed, wrote a haiku about
our friends RedMedEd

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