Hey, why not? Let’s add one last presentation…

At CMEpalooza, we are nothing if not adaptable. So, when Ross Dworkin from Blue Grotto asked me on Friday if I would be able to add his presentation on the Sunshine Act to the agenda, my first thought was — sure, why not? (Actually, that’s not true. My first thought was “OK, if I add another half hour to the agenda, do I still have enough time to get the kids to Lego club and choir practice?” Surprisingly, life does not come to a halt for CMEpalooza…)

Especially since we don’t already have a presentation on the Sunshine Act — everyone’s favorite topic! — I’m happy to be able to accommodate Ross. Friday’s agenda now has one additional session, starting at 3 PM ET and wrapping up at 3:30 PM. More updates to come!

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