What if the website crashes?

Someone emailed me the other day and asked (I’m parapharasing), “What if the CMEpalooza website crashes?”

The response to that question is easy: if the website (God forbid) crashes, just go to the CMEpalooza Google+ page and resume watching the presentations.

The follow-up to that question — what are the odds that the website crashes? — is a little more difficult to answer. My understanding is that since the streaming video is embedded, and not uploaded,  on the website, it’s the Google/YouTube servers that will handle the load of those watching it. So, if 200 people come to the website (not likely) and watch the video at the same time, my little WordPress site should be able to handle it. I’m certainly not an expert in this area, though, and I could be mistaken. If so, we’ll just go with Plan B (the CMEpalooza Google+ page) and everything should be fine [he says with his fingers crossed…]

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