CMEpalooza archive now available

Links to videos of all the CMEpalooza presentations are now available.

Click here for the March 20 agenda and archive.

Click here for the March 21 agenda and archive.

A big thank you to all the presenters and participants who helped make CMEpalooza a success! I’ll be posting a more thorough review and summary in the next few days, but wanted to get the archive up as soon as possible. Any feedback you have is welcome and appreciated. Thanks to all!

2 thoughts on “CMEpalooza archive now available

  1. Very nice. I found myself telling about 50 other medical writers about this unusual initiative on Saturday during the annual freelance conference of the Delaware Valley chapter of the American Medical Writers Association. Some of my colleagues asked me how many people participated in CMEPalooza. I wasn’t sure what to tell them. Did I miss that bit of info? Perhaps a suggestion for next time: post a page view counter in a prominent location on the CMEPalooza website?

    1. That’s great! Stratifying the amount of participants for something like this is a little tricky. For each day of CMEpalooza, there were approximately 200 visitors (per day) to the website and around 2000 views (per day). We averaged between 30-40 viewers per session, with a high of 50. I heard from several people, though, that they had multiple people watching from the same location, so it’s hard to say just how many people participated.

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