5 minutes with… Kurt Boyce

It’s always nice when our moderators get into the spirit of our ultra-casual dress code, but no one has quite nailed it like Kurt Boyce, our recent guest in the CMEpalooza Spring “5 Minutes With…” preview series. Kurt, who currently serves as Director of CME & Compliance at Applied Clinical Education, will be part of a 2-person team that will present during the 1 p.m. ET session on the topic of Achieving Level 7 Outcomes: A MEC Perspective.

Kurt has a long history in CME, which he talks about in our “hard-hitting” interview.

Among other gems, you’ll find out:

  • What CME was like in the late 1980s (yes, there was actually a precursor to PowerPoint that cost thousands of dollars every time you used it)
  • How Kurt has gone from designing education to measure Level 1 outcomes to designing education to measure Level 7 outcomes during the span of his career
  • How smart Derek seems when he isn’t talking (he doesn’t say a word the whole time but just smiles glumly — he must have been following the Phillies getting shut out once more in spring training on his iPhone)

Check out Kurt’s video below:

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