5 Minutes With…Wendy Turell

Today we spend a few minutes with Wendy Turell, DrPH, Senior Director, CME Outcomes and Analytics, PlatformQ Health. Wendy is a CMEpalooza veteran — having participated in the original CMEpalooza last year — and is making her triumphant return to CMEpalooza Spring with a solo session on 5 Tips to Make You a Survey Measurement Rock Star. Check out our interview with Wendy below to learn a little more about her session and find out how she got started in CME (SPOILER ALERT: she didn’t start out her career with a plan to work in CME. Shocking, I know.)

As a side note — yes, the video does extend beyond the supposed 5 minute time limit indicated in the title. I had things perfectly on track until Scott threw in a last second question that screwed up my timing, so blame him. Perhaps we should rename these “5-ish Minutes With…”

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