CMEpalooza Survey: Submit Your Questions For Our Grant Review Panel

Our 10 a.m. ET session at CMEpalooza Fall is titled “Why Did My Grant Request Get Rejected?” which, I think, is pretty direct and self-explanatory. Our panel’s goal for this session is to answer as many of your questions as possible about the grant review process. In order to do so, we would love to try and get a bunch of questions from the CME community ahead of time so we can see some of the common themes and know how to best prepare our panelists. We really want this to be a participant-driven session and our panel will do their best to directly address as many of the questions as they can.

If you have ever had a question about the grant review process — be it about the budget, application, outcomes, etc. — now is your chance to ask it. Just fill out the (extremely) simple survey below. And no, smart guy, your question cannot be “Why did my grant request get rejected?”

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