The Best and Worst of… Annette Donawa

In the “one take” land of CMEpalooza, there are no do-overs. When we make a mistake, we just go with it. It’s kind of our thing. Everything may not always be polished and flawless, but that’s what (at least we hope), makes us a bit more real.

You’ll see what I mean in our latest moderator interview when I continually butcher our moderator’s name. So sit back, grab yourself a box of Goobers, and enjoy “The Best and Worst of… Annette Donawa.”

Dr. Donawa will be moderating the anchor session of CMEpalooza Fall, entitled “Grand Rounds in the 21st Century: Fixing the Historical Model.” The session is being sponsored by Paradigm Medical Communications. It’s a session that came about as a result of learner comments from our Spring session, so don’t think we don’t listen to you!

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