10 Reasons You Should Watch CMEpalooza Fall

10. It’s the same cost whether one person from your organization attends or 50 people from your organization attend: nothing.

9. Dude, have you seen our agenda? I mean, c’mon…

8. Tell your boss you won’t be in because you’re watching CMEpalooza Fall at home. Spend the day curled up on the couch with your laptop, pajamas, and a cup of fair-trade, locally roasted, recently ground, French-pressed coffee (or watch from your office in a suit with a cup of crappy Keurig coffee if that’s what floats your boat.)

7. So we can tell our sponsors that lots of people watched (hey – at least I’m being honest.)

6. Three words: CME. Pecha. Kucha. Or is that five words? Is it one word for each letter since CME is an acronym? Five words: C. M. E. Pecha. Kucha. Forget it, let’s move on…

5. No sessions with “QI” in the title. Look, by no means am I poo-pooing the QI movement currently sweeping CME nation, but it does seem like we go through phases where a certain subject is the “hot topic” of the moment and we get one session after another about it at the various conferences we go to. A few years ago it was REMS. More recently it was the Sunshine Act. Now it’s QI. When Scott and I were putting together the agenda, we purposely stayed away from any QI-centric sessions, just to give people a bit of a break.

4. The scuttlebutt around the water cooler has it that Scott will be doing a how-to demo of the “Nae Nae” during one of the sessions. I can’t comment on the accuracy of this report or predict during which session it might happen, but I recommend watching them all just in case.

3. Get a new perspective on common issues. Are you frustrated with your faculty? Annoyed with the grant review process? Confused by millennials? Clueless about patient education? Bored with Moore’s outcome levels? Stumped by grand rounds? CMEpalooza Fall will touch on each of these topics and, hopefully, bring some fresh ideas for you to put into practice.

2. Because it’s gonna be good. I promise.

1. Have I mentioned it’s free?

One thought on “10 Reasons You Should Watch CMEpalooza Fall

  1. I’ll tune in. But only if @theCMEguy does the ‘whip’ while @MedCaseWriter simultaneously does ‘nae-nae’. Now that’s must-see internet TV.

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