The Best and Worst of…Angelo Carter

Let’s face it — some people are good at public speaking and some are not.

I…am not.

Angelo Carter — moderator for our 10 a.m. CMEpalooza Fall session entitled Why Did My Grant Request Get Rejected? and subject of our most recent moderator interview — is. It’s a pleasure just to listen to him talk, even moreso when he’s talking about some of his best and worst experiences in CME (that, ladies and gentlemen, is what is known as a segue. Please hold your applause.)

Check out our conversation below and feel free to skip over the parts where I’m speaking. At the very least, be sure to listen to the section where Angelo describes a time when one of his superiors described his numbers supporting the value of CME as “hocus pocus.” It’s a great example of taking a potentially negative experience and turning it into something positive in the long term.

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