Announcing CMEpalooza Spring 2016

We’re back! Did you miss us? No? I’ll rephrase: Did you miss me? Yes? Awww, thanks!

Anyway, I’m here to announce two things (drumroll…)

  1. CMEpalooza Spring is going to be held on April 6, 2016
  2. The opening of the CMEpalooza Spring abstract submission process is going to be…now (deadline is Feb. 1)

As you may recall from last year, CMEpalooza Spring is a bit different than CMEpalooza Fall in that instead of Scott and me picking the agenda, we let you pick the agenda. We do that through an open abstract process where anyone is welcome to submit their idea for a CMEpalooza Spring session and then we post all the abstracts online and ask the CME/CE community to choose the five sessions they are most interested in. We had over 800 votes last year and we’re hoping for even more this year!

How do you submit an abstract for CMEpalooza Spring you ask? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezee. It’s only takes 5 steps:

  1. Come up with an good great amazing idea
  2. Go here and complete the form
  3. Make yourself a cup of coffee. I recommend using an AeroPress. If you’re going to use a Keurig, I suggest just boiling water and adding brown food coloring. Pretty much the same thing.
  4. Twiddle thumbs
  5. Click the submit button

And you’re done!

I should add that, based on the success of the CME Pecha Kucha at CMEpalooza Fall, we are planning to bring it back for CMEpalooza Spring. We’ll have a separate application process for that, which we’ll announce later on, so keep that in mind while you’re brainstorming abstract ideas.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to let Scott or I know. Below is a picture of our new intern triaging all of the CMEpalooza questions that flood in every day. He’s waiting for your call/email now!


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