CMEpalooza Fall 2015 Infographic

You like data? We got data. Below is our CMEpalooza Fall 2015 infographic summarizing some of the key takeaways from the meeting. Two highlights for me:

  1. This was easily our most successful program in terms of participants/viewers. For the first time, we had a session with more than 200 live viewers (Why Did My Grant Request Get Rejected?) and every session but one had more than 200 combined live and archive viewers. Additionally, approximately 20% of the 84 participants who completed our survey watched CMEpalooza Fall with at least one other person, so the actual number of viewers is likely higher. For perspective, the highest amount of viewers I had for a session during the inaugural CMEpalooza was 50. The low was 10.
  2. I continue to be honored and humbled by the kind and flattering comments on our post-activity survey, but two in particular made me happy. The comments were from two small, nonprofit organizations, thanking us for the free education provided by CMEpalooza, since it is often a struggle for them to budget funds for CPD for their staff. This is the reason I started CMEpalooza, and it is why Scott and I continue to do it.

As always, I’d like to give the creative geniuses at infograph-ed a big thank you for putting together the infographic for us. It’s you’re looking for a cool and unique way to display information, I recommend popping over to their website and checking out what they have to offer.

And lastly, a quick reminder that we are now accepting abstracts for CMEpalooza Spring 2016. Click here for more details. Due date is February 1, so don’t wait too long!

CME palooza Fall 2015 FINAL outlines


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