Now Presenting… Our Fall Agenda

A few months before every iteration of CMEpalooza, Derek and I organize a brainstorming session in a secret location a few miles off the Amalfi Coast. It’s in a cave. Underwater. You’d never find it in a million years.

But I digress.

Our agenda during this session is rigorous – we each bring mounds of spreadsheets, cases of 5-Hour Energy shots, and enough technological might to power a small country (like Liechtenstein, for example). By the end of the day, we’re both exhausted, but during these powwows, we’ve always managed to accomplish what we intended to and put in motion the plans for our next event.

Subsequently over the course of the next few months, things start coming together. Emails are sent, invitations are proffered, negotiations are carefully massaged with agents, sponsors, and all of the major networks. It’s a full-time job (and yes, we have other full-time jobs, too)

I won’t lie – planning for this fall was perhaps the toughest challenge yet. With a variety of new session formats and twice as many faculty as we’ve ever had for a previous Palooza, there were a lot of bumps to overcome.

But overcome we did. Overcome we did.

And so without further ado…


(Clearing throat) Hear ye, hear ye… On behalf of the esteemed CMEpalooza planning committee, we are proud to present the agenda for CMEpalooza Fall 2016 (click the link, dummy).

You’ll be hearing more about each of our sessions in the coming weeks, including what we were thinking when we chose the topic and format, who the people are that you’ll see in front of the camera, and all the way that things might (but won’t) blow up in our faces.

Needless to say, we’re excited about the Fall meeting. It could either be really cool and interesting, or it could totally blow up in our faces (but it won’t).

Just in case though, I’m going to start pushing #Liechtenstexit.

5 thoughts on “Now Presenting… Our Fall Agenda

  1. Excellent job as always

    Might I so boldly suggest a link to add this to our calendar (Google or iCal or outlook as applicable) on the email or website? This would be the convenience those lazy followers, such as myself, would greatly appreciate..

    Thank you!



    1. Seems like something we might be able to do. We’ll look into the best way to display this. Thanks for the suggestion, Kim!

    1. Not as it is used in this post.

      “Without further ado” = Without further delay
      “Without further adieu” = Without further goodbyes

      In this instance, “without further ado” is correct.

      But I’m sure we’ll get something wrong soon enough, so don’t hesitate to call us out on it!

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