A Little Something For Everyone

My son Drew is just starting the 7th grade and has a fantastic teacher – Mr. Leonard. Mr. Leonard challenges his students, expects great things from them, and makes himself available when they struggle. On the first day of school, the first thing he taught everyone was the proper way to shake hands. That’s awesome.

This morning, Drew told me about the writing assignment Mr. Leonard had given the class a few days before. They were supposed to write about an epiphany they had recently experienced. He showed me the title of his epiphany-based paper: The Day I Discovered My Dad Was Good at Basketball. I was flattered, though, I would have been more so if he hadn’t used the past tense in his title. I’m a foot taller than that kid and I can still take him! What does he mean was good?!? That’s it – I’m getting my high-tops on. LET’S GO! RIGHT NOW! YOU AND ME, KID! MAKE-IT-TAKE-IT FIRST ONE TO 10!!!

Sorry, sorry…where was I? Right, epiphanies. A couple years ago, I had an epiphany of my own while covertly using Google Hangouts On-Air to record and stream Lawrence Sherman’s presentation at the Alliance conference so a colleague overseas could watch. Fast forward a few years (and a name change from Google Hangouts On-Air to YouTube Live) and we are now on our 6th(!) iteration of the result of that epiphany – CMEpalooza. That is wild.

Anytime you do a conference this many times, there is a danger of it becoming stagnant and repetitive. It’s not easy to come up with new ideas, topics, and formats. That’s why Scott and I are particularly proud of the agenda for this version of CMEpalooza. We really tried to push the envelope and come up with a wide range of formats to keep things interesting. There’s a little something for everyone. We’ve got CE experts engaging in casual conversations. We’ve got our very own Jamie and Adam to bust some CME myths. One session is basically a reality TV program with our panelists only given 24 hours notice to resolve some common and not-so-common case conundrums in CME. And of course, we’re bringing back our CME Puntua Lortu for another round to close out the day. If you have never stuck around long enough to watch the previous Puntua Lortus, I highly recommend you do this time. They’re a lot of fun.

We also sprinkled in a few traditional panel sessions, though I have to say I’m a little disappointed that only one person caught the literary reference in the title of my The Brief, Wondrous Life of a Grant Request session. Mr. Leonard would be very disappointed in all of you.

So, if you haven’t already marked your calendar for CMEpalooza on October 19, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR please do so now. Watch all the sessions or watch a few, but however much you decide to watch, just remember what my Grandpa Warnick always said: You can pick your friends and you can pick your sessions, but you can’t pick your friends’ sessions (unless you’re watching with your friends and it’s your computer and you’re in control of picking the sessions you watch, which ruins my entire closing sentence. Thanks. Thanks a lot.)

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