Mark Your Calendars: CMEpalooza Spotlight

While Derek was working on another of his infamous Top 10 lists (coming soon: Top 10 Wordle starters, Top 10 1930s radio shows, Top 10 foods that start with the letter Q), the rest of us at CMEpalooza HQ have been diligently planning actual education for our community. I know, what a concept.

We should have at least an initial draft of our CMEpalooza Spring agenda ready in the next few days — and thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract for consideration — but in the meantime, we have a special announcement.

At 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, February 23, we will be hosting our first of (hopefully) several CMEpalooza Spotlights in 2022. This one is being sponsored by the fine folks at PlatformQ Health and will focus on the topic of “Equity in Clinical Trials Is Within Reach: Patient Voices in Medical Education Matter.”

Separately, both diversity and the patient voice are hot topics in CME, so it kinda only makes sense to mush them together into an educational session (anyone else have the “Who put their chocolate in my peanut butter commercial?” playing in their head right now? No? Hmm, moving on…).

In this 30-minute session, we’ll mix together peanut butter and chocolate… er, I mean, diversity and the patient voice… and explore how providers can not just include patients in their education, but the right patients from the right backgrounds. We’ll not only get the perspective of the provider, but also a representative from a patient advocacy group, a patient who has participated in CME programming, and other folks.

As with all CMEpalooza sessions, this is free for anyone to attend. You’ll just need to go to our LIVE page at 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, February 23 to watch. We’ll see you there.


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