REMINDER: CMEpalooza Spotlight Next Week!

Travel back with me, if you will, to a blog post Scott wrote back on February 3 to announce our upcoming CME Spotlight with PlatformQ Health. This was the opening paragraph:

While Derek was working on another of his infamous Top 10 lists (coming soon: Top 10 Wordle starters, Top 10 1930s radio shows, Top 10 foods that start with the letter Q), the rest of us at CMEpalooza HQ have been diligently planning actual education for our community. I know, what a concept.

Firstly, how dare he. I only do Top 5 lists.

Secondly, challenge accepted!

Top 5 Wordle Starting Words*


*I don’t use any of these. You didn’t think I would reveal my personal starting word, did you? Never!

Top 5 1930s Radio Shows

5. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
4. Dick Tracy
3. Perry Mason
2. National Barn Dance
1. The Jack Benny Show

Top 5 Foods That Start with the Letter Q

5. Quaker Oats
4. Quinoa
3. Quiche
2. Quarter pounders
1. Quesadillas

Thirdly, remember to mark your calendar for 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, February 23 for our CMEpalooza Spotlight with PlatformQ Health on the topic of “Equity in Clinical Trials Is Within Reach: Patient Voices in Medical Education Matter.” While I can’t promise any Top 5 lists (disappointing, I know), I can promise an engaging and educational session. Join us!

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