Announcing the CMEpalooza Spring 2022 Agenda!

I’ll be honest with all of you – I had a fairly lengthy blog post written up, and I ended up deleting it because that’s not why you’re here. You’re here for the CMEpalooza Spring 2022 agenda. The last thing you want to do is read my yammering on and on about how this is the first time in a long time that we put out a call for abstracts, we are delighted with the abstracts we received, this is one of our best agendas ever, etc., etc.  Believe me, I’m with you. Let’s get to the good stuff.

So, here you go: Click here to go to the CMEpalooza Spring agenda

For what it’s worth, we are delighted with the abstracts we received, including those we couldn’t accept. The agenda is filled with new topics, old topics, and topics I can’t remember if they are old or new. Sessions run the gamut from discussing clinician anxiety to something called Dr. McGowan’s Magical Measurement Club. There might even be a Richard Dawson cameo along the way. (Note from Scott: Sadly, the man born as Colin Lionel Emm died 10 years ago. So a cameo is unlikely)

There will be many more details and updates to come in the following weeks. For now, take a look at the agenda and mark down the date of CMEpalooza Spring in your calendar (it’s Wednesday, April 6). We hope you will enjoy the show.

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