Our First Freebie: CMEpalooza Feeds the People

NOTE: The enrollment for this promotion is full. Those who were among the first 25 respondents will be receiving further information to redeem their gift cards from us shortly.

Hold on tight, people – we’re going to be throwing a lot of stuff at you these next few weeks in the lead up to CMEpalooza Fall on Wednesday, October 19 (for the love of God, if you haven’t blocked off your calendar that day with a note that “Uncle George and Aunt Pat need help in the orchard,” please do so immediately). There will be more chances than ever to earn money and other goodies for doing not much more than going about your daily lives.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Surely there has to be a catch? What kind of idiots would give away things for doing nothing? (Looks at Derek. Nods glumly)

Thanks to our sponsors at Integritas Communications, we’re trotting out our first freebie giveaway today. Good news for you is that it’s also the one that takes the least effort of all. It’s our CMEpalooza Feeds the People initiative, where you can get a $15 Grubhub gift card for doing nothing more than being one of the first 25 individuals to complete the form at the bottom of this post.

We’re only asking for three things:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email
  3. Your favorite type of pie

Our hope is that you will use this gift card to order a lunch delivery on the day of CMEpalooza Fall so that you don’t miss a second of our award-winning education (Derek’s wife voted CMEpalooza the “Most Annoying Topic of Conversation in Our Household” last year, so we are officially an award winner) (note from Derek: it narrowly beat out “Reasons I Love Joel Embiid” for the award), but since we can’t really trace when you use the gift card, I suppose you can use it this weekend to order chicken wings from that place down the street. You’ll just feel really guilty if you do.

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