Our Fall Sponsor Event: CMEopoly

Here at CMEpalooza HQ, there is nothing we like more than our sponsors (OK, maybe the 76ers – preseason starts next week!!). And to celebrate our sponsors, as well as our loyal blog readers, we love trotting our special events in advance of every live broadcast date to both give exposure to our sponsors as well as pass along some handy spending cash to a few lucky folks. I am sure that Halloween candy has doubled in price once again this year (man, I miss the days when a quarter could buy you a Baby Ruth bar), so we’re once again giving away $500 in Amazon gift cards this year. Five winners will get $100 each.

After its successful unveiling in the Spring of 2020, we’re bring back one of our old favorites this Fall – CMEopoly. Yes, yes, Derek prefers that we call it CMonopolE, but when do I ever listen to him?

Here is what you need to know to play CMEopoly:

  1. Click on this link to download the necessary forms. That will give you a game board, the full list of “clues,” and an answer sheet.
  2. Call up our Sponsor page, where you can get information about all of the CMEpalooza Fall sponsors as well as links to their websites (this is vitally important since you’ll need them to get all of the answers).
  3. You earn one entry into our prize drawing for answering one question in each color bundle. We have a lot of sponsors this year (36 of ’em!) so there is more work than usual to qualify. Each entry will require 11 correct answers, though to ease your burden, I made the questions easier than usual (note from Derek: Scott is getting soft.) This shouldn’t take you long.
  4. You can submit up to two entries into the prize drawing, but for each entry, you must answer a unique series of clues. Each successful entry earns one chance at winning.
  5. When you complete your answer form(s), email it to me at scott@medcasewriter.com. Make sure to include your name and professional affiliation so that when we announce that you’ve won, everyone can be sufficiently jealous.

Entries are due on Friday, October 7 at 5 p.m. ET, so get cracking.


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