CMEopoly: Our Mea Culpas

On the Jewish calendar, today is Yom Kippur, our Day of Atonement when we are supposed to acknowledge and repent for our sins over the last year. Since so, so many of you have pointed out various issues and errors with our CMEopoly sponsor event that rolled out on Friday, I thought it would be only be fair to own up to all of the issues in this public forum, even those that aren’t of my own doing,

  1. “There are 12 spaces on the answer form but you said we only needed to provide 11 responses”
    Yes, my math skills are apparently eroding. Go ahead and skip a color block if you want to. No penalty. Yup, my fault.
  2. “Company X’s website is down”
    Unbeknownest to us, one of our sponsors was migrating to a new server in the hours when we launched CMEopoly last week, causing all sorts of chaos among those of you delving deep for clue answers. Their site was back up in a few hours. Patience, people, patience. Nope, not my fault.
  3. “There are two ‘Purple Space’ blocks”
    What can I say, there are only so many colors in my mental color palette. I guess I could have given a Violet or Plum category, but I didn’t. So go ahead and mush all of the purple clues in one big category and give us two answers. Yup, my fault.
  4. “These clues are too easy. Everyone is going to get them right.”
    The purpose of CMEopoly isn’t to make you work extremely hard to find right answers, but rather to expose you to some of the great work our many sponsors are producing right now. Nope, not my fault.
  5. “You made yourself one of the clue answers. How arrogant.”
    Call it arrogance, call it laziness, call it shameless self-promotion. I won’t, however, tell you which question this refers to. Yup, my fault.
  6. “The wording of one of these questions is terrible. I don’t understand what you are asking.”
    This is why we offer multiple options in each category. Writing 36 good clues is a lot of work – they aren’t all going to be perfect. But I did double check to make sure there is nothing erroneous or misleading – we’re good. Nope, not my fault.

So there you have it – another year where I’ve wiped the slate clean. I’m sure there will be plenty of replenishment in the coming months (note from Derek: I guarantee it.)

And just as a reminder, you still have time to complete your CMEopoly entries and earn a chance at winning a $100 Amazon gift card. Entries are due at 5 pm ET on Friday, so get cracking!

2 thoughts on “CMEopoly: Our Mea Culpas

  1. Don’t worry Scott – we know that it’s probably Derek’s fault because he was trying to do his haikus at the same time as writing these clues…..nice that you cover for him šŸ™‚

  2. Next year, we’ll give out all of the clues for our sponsor events in haiku format – a 2-for-1 deal!

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