Announcing the CMEpalooza STEPtacular Challenge!

There is a scene in the comedy classic Anchorman (a.k.a. the funniest movie of all-time) where Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell) is telling the rest of his crew why he can’t meet up with them later on. He explains:

Veronica and I are trying this new fad called, uh, jogging. I believe it’s ‘jogging’ or ‘yogging.’ It might be a soft j, I’m not sure, but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It’s supposed to be wild!

While Scott is not likely to take up either jogging or yogging anytime soon (I still go out and yog on occasion), we have a cool new event for those of you who jog, yog, walk, run, strut, prance, dance, twirl, or engage in another preferred means of locomotion. We are happy to announce the CMEpalooza STEPtacular Challenge, sponsored by the good folks over at Talem Health.

Here is how you can participate in the CMEpalooza Steptacular Challenge:

  • The challenge begins today (October 10) and will go until the end of the day Sunday (October 16)
  • The challenge is to record at least 10,000 steps a day. For each day during the challenge period that you record 10,000 steps, please send in a screenshot of your step-counting device with the number of recorded steps, either by email ( or text (267-666-0CME [0263]). Please include the following information:
    • Screenshot of number of steps
    • Name
    • Email
    • Physical mailing address
    • T-shirt size
  • Each screenshot submitted is an entry into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card (there are five gift cards; you cannot win more than one.) Winners will be drawn during the week of CMEpalooza.
  • The person who records and submits the most steps in one day wins a $250 Amazon gift card
  • Everyone who enters will receive a CMEpalooza STEPtacular Challenge performance T-shirt from Talem Health. They’re pretty great, see? (No, I am not the model) (Note from Scott: Gee, what gave it away?)
  • In lieu of an entrance fee, we are asking everyone to please consider joining CMEpalooza and Talem Health in making a donation to the Red Cross Hurricane Ian Relief fund. The recommended amount is $25, or whatever you are comfortable giving. Please follow this link to make a donation.

Thanks everyone and good luck!

CMEpalooza STEPtacular Challenge sponsored by:

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