Nothing Compares 2 Haiku: It’s CMEpalooza Haiku!

have you read about
the STEPtacular Challenge?
get prizes for steps

Sinéad sang it best
nothing compares 2 haiku
not even sonnets

be sure to catch it
CMEpalooza Fall
October 19

9 AM ET — Healthy Futures: The Intersection of Public Health and CME

i can write haiku
i cannot see the future
but this panel can

10 AM ET — Gamification in CME: Balancing Entertainment and Education

recognition of
more sophistication in

11 AM ET — Putting the Improvement in Quality Improvement

QI for QI
quality for nothing and
improvement for free

Noon ET — Implementation Science: Reimagining Solutions to Systems-Based Needs

IME alone
is not the solution for

1 PM ET — Better, Smarter, Faster: We Have the Technology (Trends in Medical Publishing)

this fun new panel
has speakers you’ve never heard
none are Steve Austin

2 PM ET — Social Media CME (SoME): Shiny Object or Real Deal?

if you think tweets are
from birds and tiktoks from clocks
this session’s for you

3 PM ET — Grants Hotline: Reopened!

when that hotline bling
that can only mean one thing
grants questions answered

4 PM ET — Game, Set, and Match: Clinician Learning Styles Across the Generations

join Scott “Bjorn” Kober
as he volleys questions to
his smart tennis friends


thirty-six sponsors
each of them a precious gift
i did not count them


a passion for compassion
and innovation

certainties of life
birth, death, taxes, gold support
from Med Learning Group

like AC/DC
PER is back in black
but without the black


based in Chicago
with a reach around the globe
it’s ACHL

dressed in plum, Hayes from
Academic CME
is a Hendrix song

I’ve got a fever
and the only prescription
is more Antidote

unlike your house cat
Catamount Med Ed will not
curl up on your head

Dean Beals, CEO
his middle name is knowledge
thus DKBmed

athenahealth is
parent of epocrates
is Zeus their grandpa?

Copernicus would
approve of a world that is

in the rivalry
between honest and corrupt
choose Integrity

if Snake Plissken flees
a Bronx hospital is it
Medscape from New York?

now boarding the train
for top-notch education
found on PlatformQ

don’t ever doubt them
or Prova Education
will Prova you wrong

BlueMedEd is sad
GreenMedEd is jealous but
RedMedEd is best

everybody knows
a group they call Vindico
down in New Jersey

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