CMEpalooza Spring Recap

I have done three CMEpaloozas (CMEpaloozi?) now and it never fails to amaze me how exhausting they are. It’s not as if they’re physically demanding or anything, but at the end of the day, I feel completely spent. I just want to sit on the couch in a stupor and watch Sex in the City Game of Thrones reruns. But now that Scott and I have had some time to recover, we want to give a big thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in CMEpalooza Spring. Here’s a brief list of thank yous:

  • Thank you to our presenters who were fabulous. Whenever someone offers me a compliment on CMEpalooza, I always tell them we’re only as good as our presenters. Fortunately for us, they’ve been great.
  • Thank you to our sponsors (all 19 of you!) who make producing CMEpalooza much easier. A special thank you to our gold sponsors ArcheMedX and Intelligent Medical Decisions, Inc. for putting together two really excellent sessions.
  • Thank you to all of you who watched a CMEpalooza Spring session. We had a very nice turnout (more details below) and good interaction during Q&A time.
  • Thank you to my wife for making me a sandwich and coffee and sliding it to me off-screen. She’s a keeper!

So, how may people actually watched CMEpalooza Spring? Good question, Derek — I’m so glad you asked. YouTube has developed a nice analytics platform for the Hangout videos, both live and “on-demand”, which makes determining participation much easier. Below is the amount of Live Views for each session in the order they were presented (the amount of views each session received while it was “live”):

  • Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap: Quality Improvement as a Path to Change – 147
  • Let the Sun Shine In: Perspectives and Insights on the Implementation of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act – 151
  • Secrets of CME Outcome Assessment…Revealed – 151
  • Data-Driven and Agile Educational Design: Ensuring Your Courses Intelligently Evolve – 134
  • Achieving Level 7 Outcomes: A MEC Perspective – 72
  • 5 Tips to Make You a Survey Measurement Rock Star – 86
  • Revamping the Satellite Symposium: Enriching the Learner Experience – 142
  • Style and Substance: The Evolution of Content Presentation in Medical Education – 123
  • Why We Matter: Successful Strategies for Demonstrating the Value of CE within Your Own Organization – 104

I’m always thrilled that anyone watches, so, yes, I’m happy. The most disappointing thing about the entire CMEpalooza Spring experience was that we only received one joke on our survey :-(. Here it is:

A little boy wasn’t getting good marks in school. One day he tapped his teacher on the shoulder and said, “I don’t want to scare you, but my daddy says if I don’t get better grades, somebody is going to get a spanking.”

Hmmm…maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t get more.


5 Minutes With… Derek Warnick

When the first one came, I ignored it. Same with the second, and third, and fourth. But when the requests filled up my inbox and the hashtag #5minuteswithderek started trending on Twitter, I could deprive his fans no longer.

And so here it is… your “5 Minutes With Derek Warnick.”

Among the things you’ll learn:

  • Why he refused the award when People magazine told him he has been voted America’s Sexiest Man in 2011
  • How he maintains his status as a chess grandmaster despite a full-time job and family
  • What he has in common with President Obama

OK, you won’t learn any of those things. But it’s probably just because he doesn’t like talking about them. What will you learn then? You’ll have to watch.

Where Do I Watch CMEpalooza Spring?

Where do I watch CMEpalooza Spring?
You watch it on the LIVE page.

Will people be able to hear me on the Hangout?
No. You are not on the Hangout. You are only watching a video feed of the Hangout. You can sing Edelweiss at the top of your lungs and no one will hear you except your neighbors, who might call the police, who might interrupt you while watching CMEpalooza. So basically, don’t sing Edelweiss at the top of your lungs while watching CMEpalooza.

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring at the office?

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring at home?

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring in a conference room with 20 other people?
Please do.

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring at the gym?
Yes (show-off).

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring from the top of a volcano while doing the hula and eating a cheesesteak?
If the cheesesteak is wiz wit — sure. If not — no.

Do I have to pay anything to watch CMEpalooza?
Good question. Let’s ask this guy.


Hmmm…seems a little high. The answer is no. You don’t have to pay anything to watch CMEpalooza.

Do I have to pre-register or register?

Do I have to take a survey afterward?
Well, you don’t have to, but it would be nice if you did. It’s only six questions and shouldn’t take you more than 30 seconds. If it does take you more than 30 seconds, Scott will buy you a pony.

Do I have to watch all the sessions?
YES! No. Watch what interests you.

What if I’m busy during the day of the live broadcast?
All the sessions will be archived on the website, probably within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the session. How are we able to do it so fast? We have a new intern who is a real crackerjack on the interwebs. Here he is hard at work, writing our latest blog post.


5 Minutes With…Derek Dietze

Welcome to the finale of our “5 Minutes With…” series, and who better to end with than one of the true pillars of the CME community, Derek Dietze. Derek, who is President of Improve CME, will be moderating our 4 p.m. ET CMEpalooza Spring session entitled “Why We Matter: Successful Strategies for Demonstrating the Value of CE Within Your Own Organization.” A few tidbits from my conversation with Derek (Scott was dilly dallying with something else at the time):

  • His self-admitted 24 years experience in CME puts him in a tight race with Kurt Boyce as our “most experienced” CMEpalooza presenter. Amazing that both these gentlemen got their start in CME in their mid-teens (ahem).
  • While naming the other individuals involved in his CMEpalooza Spring session, Derek mentions that “someone from a society” will also be part of it but was still TBD. That individual is no longer TBD and is now Wanda Johnson from the Endocrine Society.
  • This session is one example of the ACEhp Advocacy Committee’s addressing their key strategic initiatives for 2015. Derek and fellow panel members Heather Guerrero and Marissa Seligman are all current members of the Advocacy Committee.
  • And finally, I’d like to take a moment to thank Derek for spelling his name the correct way. Sorry Derrick, Derik, Deric, Daric, and Derec — your mommas got it wrong.

5 Minutes with… Karen Roy

It’s always nice when our CMEpalooza Spring participants dress up for their on-screen appearances. It’s even better when they fly in a stylist from Milan, employ a wardrobe coach to overhaul their closets, and spend thousands of dollars on sparkly new jewelry. Not that the latest victim (er, subject) of our “5 Minutes with…” series did any of that, but those of you who know Karen Roy will have to agree that she is the most stylish of our moderators yet. Apologies to everyone else who was vying for the crown.

Karen, who is Principal of the Ardgillan Group and a CMEpalooza 3-timer, is moderating our 3 p.m. ET session entitled “Style and Substance:  The Evolution of Content Presentation in Medical Education.” A few fun things you’ll learn during the course of our 5 minute-ish interview:

  • How close the world came to “Good morning, Miss Karen. I’ve got to go poop!”
  • Why we’re innovative in designing education and measuring outcomes, but stagnant in organizing and presenting content
  • The accent? It’s fake

Oh, and that’s a root beer in my hands folks! Though we’d be happy to have a sponsor come along who wants to have an “Official Beer of CMEpalooza.” I am sure we could come up with a very inexpensive arrangement.

Help Us Help You

The CMEpalooza Spring countdown is into the single digits (9 days from today!), which means that our presenters are starting to get serious thinking about their sessions. Derek and I aren’t meanies who require slides weeks and months in advance. Not that either of us has created a presentation on a plane the day before the event — no, of course not, not us — but we recognize that it happens sometimes. To other people. Not us. No, of course not.

Nonetheless, we are always impressed with those presentation teams who get their acts together weeks in advance and start coming up with a semi-formal agenda. One of those teams — our 3 p.m. ET session focused on Style and Substance:  The Evolution of Content Presentation in Medical Education — is asking for input from our prospective viewing audience to help guide their session.

If you can please take a few minutes to click on the following link —, you’ll be asked to review a few potential presentation components and complete a quick quiz. Consider it your personal favor to us for the day.

5 Questions With… Greg Liptak

Today on the blog, we spend a few minutes with Greg Liptak, President of Intelligent Medical Decisions. Inc., a gold sponsor of CMEpalooza Spring. Greg will be moderating the kickoff session of CMEpalooza Spring at 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday, April 8, bringing together an unique collection of panelists to talk about Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap: Quality Improvement as a Path to Change.

Greg was dealing with some car issues on the day of our interview — hence the tagline of “Burning Rubber” beneath his name — but he rallied to rev up his engine of wisdom and share his CME story. Among the things you’ll learn about:

  • Why Greg lives in the greatest neighborhood in the greatest city in the United States (ie, Fairmount in Philadelphia, but I needn’t have told you that)
  • “The girl who got away…” and how we have love to thank (or blame) for bringing both Greg and Derek to the city of Brotherly Love and sorta kinda into the world of CME
  • How to start wrapping your brain around the whole Quality Improvement movement in preparation for your immersion during his CMEpalooza Spring session

5 Minutes With…Brian McGowan

First up this week in our “5 Minutes With…” series is Brian McGowan, PhD, Chief Learning Officer & Co-Founder at ArcheMedX, Inc. ArcheMedX is one of our gold-level sponsors, and they are sponsoring the lunchtime panel session Brian has put together on Data-Driven and Agile Educational Design: Ensuring Your Courses Intelligently Evolve. Brian has been part of every iteration of CMEpalooza and joins Karen Roy as the only members of the exclusive CMEpalooza Three-peat Club (note to Brian and Karen: remember to present your card and give Bruno the Bouncer the secret handshake when entering the club).

I’ll admit that this is closer to a “10 Minutes With…” interview, which I’m sure comes as no surprise to any of you who have spent time with Brian. He is an excellent presenter, always a pleasure to listen to, and does a really nice job telling his “CME story” and outlining his CMEpalooza Spring session. I think you will enjoy the extra few minutes we spent with him.